JIIART 3rd Seminar


  1. Opening:
    Professor Shin- Ichiro Abe
    (Chair at JIIART、Adjunct Professor at Chuo Law School)
  2. Keynote Address:
    ”International Mediation Joint Protocol First Case by SIMC and JIMC, and Kow-How”
    Yoshihiro (Yoshi) Takatori, Esq.
    (F.C.I. Arb., Executive Director at Japan Association of Arbitration)
  3. Panel Discussion:
    “How to Utilize International Arb./Med. with and after COVID 19?”
    Professor Hisaei Chuck Ito(Chuo University)
    Professor Noboru Kashiwagi(professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Fellow at Chuo Law School)
    Yoshihiro (Yoshi) Takatori, Esq.
    Professor Kimimasa Hata (Chuo University )
    Steven Lim, Esq. (Barrister, Director of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Singapore Branch)
  4. Closing Message:
    Mr. Takeo Kosugi
    (Attorney at Law, Arbitrator, Director at International Civil and Commercial Law Center Foundation, Former President of LAWASIA)