Mission Statement

In Japan, like many other countries of the world, businesses are increasingly encountering situations in which international arbitration cannot be avoided with respect to commercial disputes. It can be expected that there will be an increase in cases where dispute resolution through investment arbitration will be contemplated for public-private disputes. The arbitration mechanism under the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a prime example. In light of the expected increase in international arbitration cases, the fostering of international arbitration professionals has become a pressing challenge for Japan. In Japan, the number of experienced professionals in the field of arbitration remains starkly low in comparison to the situation in Europe and the United States.

The mission of the Japan Institute for International Arbitration Research and Training (JIIART) is to share a variety of information focused on international arbitration in various countries with a view to aiding studies by and training for all who are or wish to become international arbitration professionals or professionals who wish to further hone their skills in this field.

Through coordination with various academic institutions, research institutions and arbitration institutions, JIIART also aims to compile knowledge on the fundamentals of international arbitration as well as be involved in the study of and offering education on issues arising in the practice of international arbitration.

Included among JIIART’s goals is to heighten the skills of Japan’s international arbitration professionals by providing opportunities for international exchange through inviting arbitrators and other players involved in arbitration from various countries to Japan.

Further, JIIART also aims to proactively engage in activities to raise the presence of Japan in international arbitration competitions and symposiums and encourage young people and the key players in arbitration to participate.

JIIART will also participate in activities, and coordinate with Japan’s various arbitration institutions to spread awareness to promote Japan as location for arbitration.

Our Activities

1. Providing Information

  • JIIART provides information on developments in international arbitration and international arbitration institutions through this website.

2. Offering Education Programs
(1) Education Programs on Fundamentals (Theory)

  • Offering education programs on international arbitration theory and knowledge

(2) Practice Education Programs (Practice)

  • Education programs on the practical aspects of international arbitration
  • mock training
  • in cooperation with Clarb (Japan representative, Mr. Yoshihiro Takatori, Esq.)

3. Conferences/Seminars

  • Providing opportunities for international exchange by hosting conferences and seminars and inviting players in international arbitration from within and outside of Japan to attend.

4. Coordination with Other International Arbitration Institutions

  • Enter into study exchange agreements with foreign judicial organizations, bar associations, training institutions and arbitration institutions and regularly exchange information on specific topics.
  • Encourage the participation of young persons with an interest in arbitration and key players in international arbitration in international arbitration conferences.